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Let Tahoe Elite deliver you, your gear and your crew off at one of Tahoe’s glorious beaches and you won’t have to hassle with the crazy parking of mid-summer. We will pick you up at the end of the day and you can continue relaxing while we get you safely back to your lodgings.


North Shore

Kings Beach
Dogs are allowed on the east side of the Coon St. boat ramp. Coon St. Picnic Area is located on Hwy. 28 (N. Lake Blvd.) at the end of Coon St.

Waterman’s Landing
the entire beach (rock beach) is dog friendly- there is a café as well with outdoor seating where you can have dogs.

Carnelian Bay
Dogs are allowed on the rock beach next to Garwood’s. Hwy. 28 (N. Lake Blvd.) located in Carnelian Bay.

West Shore

Hurricane Bay
Located on Hwy. 89 (W. Lake Blvd.) 4 miles south of Tahoe City. A rocky beach just off the highway, 1.4 miles south of Sunnyside.

Lake Forest Beach Park
Located on Hwy. 28 (N. Lake Blvd) 1 mile east of Tahoe City. 

Skylandia Park & Beach
Located on Hwy 28 (N. Lake Blvd) 1 ½ miles east of Tahoe City. 

South Shore

Kiva Beach
This beach is the biggest dog beach around Lake Tahoe. It offers breathtaking views of Mt. Tallac in the back. This beach is worth the long drive to the South Shore. Bring a cooler and spend your entire day here. The adjacent Baldwin Beach offers Watersports rentals.

East Shore

Hidden Beach 
From the North Shore, take Hwy. 28 south to the Memorial Point Visitors Center parking lot, about a half-mile north of Sand Harbor. Park there only if you want to take a short, 20-minute dip, or, if they’re available, in one of the hard-to-find parking spaces along Highway 28. Hidden Beach is located next to the highway, about a half-mile south of its intersection with Lakeshore Drive. From the lot, walk along the highway until you see the beach, which will be clearly visible from a guard rail between Hwy. 28 and the sand. (Caution: NUDE sunbathing allowed at this beach.)

Chimney Beach 
From the North Shore, take Hwy. 28 south to Sand Harbor. Just over a mile south of Sand Harbor, look on your right for the iron security gate of a private estate. Proceed south on Hwy. 28 another 200 yards until you come to a gated Forest Service parking lot on the east (mountain) side of the highway. Park in the little 30-car lot, walk across the highway, and take the easy trail down to the beach. It should take you about 5-10 minutes to reach the sand.

Secret Beach 
From the North Shore, take Hwy. 28 south to Sand Harbor. Just over a mile south of Sand Harbor, right as the tree line starts on your right hand side, look on your right for a small dirt parking lot. This is not a marked parking lot but usually always has a car or two parked already. Park and follow the dirt trail down toward the water. It’s an easy 10-15 minute walk down to the beach. This is a small beach, it is adjacent to the Thunderbird Lodge’s boathouse.

Skunk Harbor 
From the North Shore, take Hwy. 28 south to Sand Harbor. The parking and trailhead is roughly 15.5 on highway 28 starting in California into Nevada. Once the road starts to curve to the left and you see the lake again and a small valley below, park before the green gate on your right hand side. Watch out for parking in the turnout: the sheriff’s department will ticket you mercilessly even if you obey the “fire access – keep clear” sign. Follow this road down to a fork at about 1 mile. The left fork will continue to Prey Meadows while the right fork continues on to skunk Harbor on the Lake’s shore. Great secluded cove with sandy beach that dogs love! And a good 3-mile roundtrip hike for you.

Photo by Ethan Smith on Unsplash

Public Beaches (No Dogs Allowed)

North Shore

King’s Beach
King’s Beach is a large beautiful sand beach. A new walkway and public park line the beach with access to  restaurants and shops. All types of watersports are offered here including paddleboard and kayak rentals. 

Speedboat Beach
Located at the end of Speedboat Ave. is a small but gorgeous beach studded with giant granite boulders. Parking is difficult here so let us drop you off with all your beach gear. No restrooms and no restaurants.

West Shore

Tahoe City Common’s Beach
Commons Beach is the heart of the town. There is grass and sand on the beach and a big playground. This is a great beach for families with small children. There are clean restrooms and lots of restaurants.

Meeks Bay
South of Tahoe City is Meeks Bay Resort. This a beautiful small bay with a large sandy beach. Because they have a marina, you can rent boats, kayaks, and paddleboards.

East Shore

Sand Harbor This beach is the most famous and most popular in Tahoe. It offers turquoise caribbean-like water, white sand beaches and lots of beautiful rocks. Parking does sell out so consider hiring Tahoe Elite to drop you off. Zephyr Cove This is a party beach. Because you are on the Nevada side of the lake, drinking is allowed on the beach, in fact waitresses bring you your drink to your towel.

South Shore

Baldwin Beach
South of Emerald Bay is Baldwin Beach. This beach is long and wide and offers beautiful soft sand. This beach looks like you are not in Tahoe but somewhere on the ocean.

Photo by Adam Thomas on Unsplash